Sunday, September 21, 2014

And this little piggy...

The plan for the day was to get the pig fence up. It didn't work out quite as planned. Stepping back... The reason that it was the plan for today was because the pig(s) (mainly the male but sometimes the female followed) have been escaping from their area in the garden. They stayed in the garden most of the time. Just not in their area. They only escaped the garden entirely a couple of times, and both times they stayed close and followed Brad and I back immediately when we realized they were out. It is completely my fault. Their area is barren. They dug it all up and have nothing else in there to eat so when they didn't have a pile of feed in front of them they decided that the rest of the garden was interesting enough to make the zap they got when they crossed the wire worth it. I have needed to put the pasture fence up for weeks and just haven't been able to. Between healing up from the c-section, and having a baby nursing 24/7 I have been lucky to do things seemingly as simple as going to the bathroom by myself and eating. Today was the day though. Or it was going to be. Brad went out bright and early this morning to feed them so they were amused in their area until we got the fence up. Only... they weren't there. They weren't anywhere. We called for them, rattled the feed container, looked everywhere. Nothing. We lost our piglets. Maybe they will show back up? I'm not holding up a lot of hope. Not with the miles of national forest behind us, the coyotes, and ignorant hunters that shoot at anything that moves around here. Ugh... As a pretty important side note: While Brad was looking for them on the far side of the garden he noticed that one of the fence wires was down. It had broken somehow and was shorting the fence out. No wonder they didn't mind the shock recently. Nobody had noticed and its hard to tell how long it had been like that. FAIL!

What I did manage to do is mow part of the yard! Doesn't seem like much but it did wonders for my mental state. Brad and Keegan took turns watching Liam after I topped him off on milk, swaddled him, and got him to sleep. Keegan watched him while Brad fixed the mower for me. I got in about 2 hours worth. It is amazing what a little exercise and feeling productive can do. I love mowing. It isn't often you get exercise and immediate gratification all rolled into one. Immediate gratification is especially nice after feeling like I have been on bed rest for the last 3 weeks (and lets face it, I didn't get much done for a while before that either). I have yet to master doing much with one hand and he hasn't started feeling full for long or comfortable sleeping anywhere that isn't attached to a human (mainly me).  While I am grateful for every second I get to spend snuggling my beautiful baby boy, it has been difficult to get much done lately and my brain doesn't cope well with that. I felt so much better when I got done! I even made dinner and a loaf of french bread. And have loved every second of snuggles I have gotten from my munchkin since I got back. I missed the little fella while I was gone! All the way outside is as far as I have been from him in... well... forever! I love all 3 of my guys with all of my heart. I am blessed! Now if only my pigs would come back... :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sweet Liam

Our sweet Liam has arrived. We have been in the new baby haze for the last 2 weeks, hence the lack of posts until now.

William Elijah born August 29th @ 5:27pm
7lb 11oz and 21.5 inches long
He was born via an emergency c-section and is healthy and happy.
So perfect and beautiful!
It is amazing how much love you can have for another human being.
 Both of my beautiful boys. Keegan is saying hi to his little brother for the first time. I am blessed.
 Liam 2 days old. He is such a peaceful soul. Unless he is hungry... which he doesn't get the chance to be very often since he seems to be nursing 24/7. He is sleeping for 4-5 hours at night though which is amazing.
Liam's first football game. He is napping while I bounce him to the beat of the music his big brother and the marching band play from the stands.
The world is good as long as mommy has a finger to chew on.
Napping in the hand-made cradle his uncle and paw (brad's dad and brother) built for him. Life is still chaotic and we are in a sleep deprived fog but life is good.