Monday, February 22, 2016

Been a while...

Blogging has fallen by the wayside, yet again. It always seems to by the end of summer. After spending the summer being so busy with the garden and animals and putting up so much food I am usually just done. I don't want to think about anything farm related. That includes writing about it. That usually lasts until around January when the seed catalogs start coming in and that familiar flutter of hope and inspiration starts to ebb away at the previous year's exhaustion and failures. More and more as I have been getting back into the groove of things I have been feeling the need to document it and to look back at past years to see how this year is getting on compared to others.

Having a little one around also makes it difficult to do anything that includes typing. I can sometimes manage to click around on the mouse and sit back and read but nothing that looks like it takes too much of my attention. For example, as I type right now I have a toddler on my lap and am having to lean around him to get close enough to reach the keyboard while he pushes me away because he wants to sit on me (rather than beside me on the huge couch) while he watches his movie but he doesn't want me "that" close to him. I'm not complaining for a second. My sweet baby is only going to be this size once and I will take all of the snuggles I can get before he doesn't want to give them to me anymore. But in the meantime, things like typing aren't as possible as they once were.

I have also been torn for another reason. I have gone back and forth so many times about posting anything concerning our children. I would love to use this as a journal of sorts and just put anything that I am feeling or thinking down, but here in internet world, that isn't always safe. I am worried about the creepy creeps, that make so many beautiful things ugly and twisted, becoming engrossed with my boys. May sound silly, but it is always in the back of my mind when ever I write here. Since my children are so much a part of every aspect of my life it is nearly impossible to post without including them. Besides, that is one of the most wonderful parts of the blog community. My very favorite blogs are written about families and the best posts are usually about how amazing their children are and what kind of activities they are up to. I have been toying with the idea of just making it all private or writing my own personal journal for my eyes only, but there is just something unappealing about that. I like having a sounding board, and it is nice to have input on some ideas sometimes. So for the time being I am back, but we will see where it goes. How does everyone else feel about that subject? I would love feedback!

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